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At 6i Marketing, we provide marketing solutions to our clients so they can focus on their business. Trust 6i Marketing to be your dependable, creative and awesome teammate! We build responsive websites at affordable prices! We manage them with great customer service and hosting. We’ve been developing websites since 1999.

What do we do best?
Strategy, marketing, consulting, content creation, logo creation, responsive website development, social media, video production and memes!


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A Little About Us

6i Marketing is about PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS! The outline of detail, personal attention and understanding that is involved with defining a business through their marketing and strategic planning is a very personal thing. It’s not only about the success of the business owner, moreover it’s about assisting in the success of the business for the employees as well. Get in touch today and let’s build that relationship.

Experience Matters

When you want someone in the trenches with you, do you want a new lieutenant fresh out of the academy or do you want a leather eared sergeant that’s done 3 tours of combat? Having a team on your side with over 40 years combined experience that’s done political, local, regional, National and International marketing is what you get with 6i Marketing. Before you sign a contract or make an investment, please give us the opportunity to earn your business.

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Don’t feel guilty about breaking up with your unresponsive, out of date and ugly website. We’re the ultimate matchmaker and can set you up with a brand new responsive website that your customers and NEW customers will LOVE. We’re offering 6 months of FREE web hosting AND website maintenance on all website development packages. Don’t procrastinate! Take action today!

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    WHAT IS 6i


    This i is first for a reason. If you don’t have integrity, there can be no openness, honesty or transparency when delivering any product or service. Integrity is not something that we preach, it is something that we practice on a minute by minute basis of every single day. Above all, integrity is the foundation of each and every relationship.


    We’re not the smartest team on the planet that has every single answer and can solve every problem. However, knowing this is what intelligence is truly. The ability to understand this is key. We constantly research and expand our knowledge. We do this to be able to deliver better results and build stronger relationships with our clients.


    We believe that creative ideas are just the beginning for any business. An idea can be its brightest at conception and generate a vibrant and successful result relating to an advertising campaign. However, ideas cannot stop there and must be visited on a regular basis to ensure that customer service, relationships and internal company culture improve constantly.


    The daily grind can be daunting and our job is to offer up inspiration to our clients from a different perspective. Whether it’s a motivational quote, a news story that will inspire or a story shared from personal experience, we are true teammates with our clients and understand that inspiration can be a springboard to creativity and reaching goals.


    Our goal is to not only meet expectations, but exceed them for our clients. The journey to impress is one that can be shared as a common denominator for our clients and in turn, to their customers. When you impress consistently it leads to a more successful long term relationship. We are committed 100% to always impressing our clients.


    If you want to grow, you must improve. We monitor, analyze and set strategies to not only improve your business, but look inward on how we can improve for you. If you do not desire to improve, you’ve become complacent and need some inspiration. We improve relationships, customer service, gross profit, return on investment and much, much more.